Have you found drug litter?.
Please call 01753 875 298



I have seen drug litter (e.g. syringes, needles, spoons, foil) - can someone clear it up?

Anyone who finds drug litter, in particular needles or syringes should not touch it but report it immediately by calling 0800 6346301 Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 or 01753 875298 at any other time, giving details of the location of the litter and approximately how many needles there are / what waste there is. The Council will arrange for a trained professional to collect the litter quickly and safely.

I think I am addicted to drugs/alcohol or I suspect someone I know is an addict. What do I do?

Contact START (Slough Treatment Advice and Recovery Team) on 01753 692548 or drop in anytime between 10am & 4pm Monday - Friday at START (Elliman Resource Centre, 27 Pursers Court, Off Elliman Avenue, Slough, SL2 5DL) 


My business  / employee has a problem with drugs / alcohol?

If you would like to raise awareness about drugs/alcohol within your business, please contact us directly by calling 01753 875579 or contacting us here to arrange an awareness session.

If you believe that any of your colleagues/employees have issues with drugs/alcohol you can advise them to contact START on: 01753 692548 to get advice.


Someone I know (my mother, father, brother, cousin, other family member) is using drugs/alcohol - who can I call to find support/treatment for me as their carer/family member?

If someone you know is misusing drugs/alcohol, you can contact DrugFAM on 08453 883853. They are availble from 9am-9pm and run a group in Slough every Wednesday evening to support family members.

Alternatively, you can look on our 'Carers and Families' page for more information.


I have seen drug dealing and using in my area. Who do I contact?

Report this immediately to Thames Valley Police non-emergency telephone number: 101 or Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111. You can report this information to both numbers ANONYMOUSLY


I believe that someone I know / my neighbour / someone in my area is living off of illegal earnings (e.g. drug dealing, criminal activity), what do I do?

If you believe someone you know / your neighbour / someone in your area is living off of illegal earnings from criminal activity or drug dealing, you should report this to the Thames Valley Police on the non-emergency telephone number: 101 or Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111. You can report this information to both numbers ANONYMOUSLY


I am an injecting drug user and would like to access clean needles and syringes / a needle exchange scheme.  Where do I get them?

Our services now provide a mobile needle exchange and we also commission a number of pharmacies in the area. Contact your rcovery worker for information.


I am/I know someone who is a victim of domestic violence as a result of my partners drinking / drug use - who can I call / where can I go?

Report domestic abuse immediately to Thames Valley Police on: 999 in an emergency or 0845 8 505 505 in a non-emergency. 

To see other services available in the area - go to our Advice for Public page.


I am in need of housing / housing support and have a drug / alcohol problem - who can I call / where can I go?

 To see information on Housing services in the area - go to our 'Housing and Homeslessness' page.


I would like to hold a drug / alcohol awareness session who can I contact?

Use the contact us page to arrange a session.

Alterntaively, look at our prgrammed training pages here for details of courses running across East Berkshire now!


I've got a complaint about a drug/alcohol service I am accessing - who can I call/where can I go?


If you have a complaint, the service will have a written procedure to follow. There should be leaflets available/posters displayed in the service to explain the procedure and who to contact anonymously. If you ask a member of staff, they will direct you appropriately.